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Considering sponsoring one or more of our beloved orphans or widows? Your sponsorship helps to cover the cost of basic needs we provide inclusive of food, water, clothing, shelter as well as discipleship, education and health care. We host a multi-sponsor program allowing for children and widows to have multiple sponsors. A multi-sponsor model allows for us to better meet the cost of care for our orphans or widows while also making it more affordable for folks to be able to sponsor a child and/or widow monthly. Please note: We work to ensure every child and widow has at least one sponsor.

Have questions? Check out our FAQs below or call our home office at (972) 941.4460.

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Name: Ike TongunCampus: Terekeka, South SudanBorn: Nov 06, 2011

Name: Isaiah EmmanuelCampus: Yei, South SudanBorn: Nov 13, 2006

Name: Isaiah JohnCampus: Off-CampusBorn: Jan 27, 2002

Name: Isaya MetaCampus: Yei, South SudanBorn: Aug 12, 2002

Name: James GeorgeCampus: Terekeka, South SudanBorn: Jul 01, 2005

Name: James KurackCampus: Terekeka, South SudanBorn: May 10, 2004

Name: James Lodule GoreCampus: Terekeka, South SudanBorn: Sep 01, 2010

Name: James MandelaCampus: Yei, South SudanBorn: Jan 01, 2001

Name: James MichaelCampus: Yei, South SudanBorn: May 24, 2010

Name: James TabanCampus: Yei, South SudanBorn: Jul 05, 2005

Name: Jande BeroCampus: Off-CampusBorn: May 08, 2002

Name: Jane KidenCampus: Yei, South SudanBorn: Jan 01, 2005

Name: Jeremiah MalishCampus: Yei, South SudanBorn: Mar 09, 2005

Name: Jessica AbelCampus: Yei, South SudanBorn: Oct 25, 2004

Name: Joan PitiaCampus: Terekeka, South SudanBorn: May 31, 2012

Name: John AlaniCampus: Terekeka, South SudanBorn: Jul 17, 2012

Name: John EmmanuelCampus: Yei, South SudanBorn: Jul 30, 2005

Name: Joshua AymeCampus: Yei, South SudanBorn: Nov 28, 2002

Name: Josiah BidaliCampus: Yei, South SudanBorn: Jul 01, 2005

Name: Joyce SundayCampus: Off-CampusBorn: May 11, 1995

Frequently Asked Questions

Harvesters’ promotes orphan and widow sponsorship because we believe such activities are a natural response to the Bible’s call to transform this world through the message of the gospel of Christ. We further believe that such activities are a natural outgrowth of James 1:27 which states, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.