Join a Visiting Team

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Have you ever wondered about the value and importance of short-term mission trips? Each year we have a number of individuals who come as part of visiting teams to serve and minister as the hands and feet of Christ on our campuses in either Terekeka, Yei and now Uganda!

As these short-term servants come, we’re often asked whether it’s truly helpful to come and serve or if simply making a donation is the best use of funds that would otherwise go toward a trip. Let us say unequivocally, “YES,” there is great value in volunteers coming to serve alongside us! There are the obvious advantages of working on a particular project like painting, making repairs, remodeling and refurbishing dorms as well as holding discipleship classes to participate in with the school children. There are also intangible benefits that are equally important. Here are just a few of those:

Visiting teams are a wonderful event at the orphanage and school. There is a “buzz” in anticipation of a team coming to share, play, read, disciple, minister, connect, and pour out love over the kids. Teams create fun, are a breath of fresh energy – personality – excitement, and also make a difference in the lives of the orphans God has called us all to serve.
It’s important to have visitors connect and develop relationships with us: our orphans, local and missionary staff as well as the local community. This affords them the opportunity to better understand the unique environment of our campuses in South Sudan, as well as develop an understanding about the complexities and challenges of life people face in this part of the world. Ultimately helping them be able to pray for us and South Sudan.

Our older kids also tell us how they appreciate the encouragement from visiting team members because it helps them to realize they could shape a future for themselves with God’s help. They learn it is a real possibility, not just a dream. Mission volunteers willing to take time to talk seriously with our high school age kids can have a long-lasting impact.

God wants to grow and develop people. A short-term mission trip can have a major impact on the way a person views the world and other people in general. By coming to visit us, folks get to see firsthand what God’s doing at Harvesters. They get to see the impact their donations are having. And they get to put a face or two to why their support is so needed.
Our missionary staff has shared how visiting teams can be a great source of encouragement. Being able to dialog with folks in their native language and even talk about familiar topics from back home can help renew energies that can be depleted at times.
While this is more of a logistical and tangible benefit in a way…it’s extremely helpful. With no mail service in country, bringing useful items from home is a small but very meaningful way short-term volunteers can encourage our folks on the ground. Living in a resource limited setting engenders very real stresses which are sweetly alleviated by joyful visitors carrying in beloved items and notes from home.
Will you come?

If you have a listening heart, a mindset of learning and working alongside of us…if you want to help us on the ground and answer some questions like “What can I learn from being here? What do I take home? How am I changed by being here? How does what I learn here affect how I live and serve the U.S.? And what does God want to teach me while I am here?”…then we have the opportunity of a lifetime for you!

So you’d like to come to South Sudan but you’ve got questions? Great, below are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

God has uniquely gifted you with passions, skills and abilities for the building up of the Kingdom (Eph. 2:10). Let us know what they are and we’ll find a place for you. With a servant’s heart and a willingness to learn, we can plug individuals into various opportunities on campus such as:

i. Sponsorship projects
ii. Tutoring
iii. Hospital work
iv. Discipleship (on campus and locally)
v. Photography & video needs
vi. Ministering to our missionaries

This depends on whether you are visiting our Terekeka or Yei Campus. If coming to Terekeka, we can accommodate a team of 6 nicely. In Yei, we can host a team of up to 10 individuals.
– In Terekeka, we have a team dorm available for visitors.

– In Yei, we also have a team dorm available along with small housing units for couples (upon request and availability).

Visiting South Sudan involves a number of expenses and can vary depending on time of year. However, below are rough estimates for the cost of traveling to Harvesters for a week stay:

i. $1,300 – $1,800 – Roundtrip Airfare from the States to Entebbe for Yei or from the States to Juba for Terekeka.
ii. $645 – Roundtrip Airfare between Entebbe and Yei (for Yei visitors only).
iii. $100 – One night stay in Entebbe on way in to Yei (for Yei visitors only).
iv. $100 – Ugandan transit visa (for Yei visitors only)
v. $100 – South Sudan visa ($160 when purchased stateside for those going to Terekeka).
vi. $150 – $300 – Yellow Fever vaccine
vii. $210 – Room/board/internet at Harvesters for 7 days (@$30/ person/day). Beyond 10 days is a flat rate charge of $300/month.
viii. $200 – Transport costs between Juba and Terekeka (for Terekeka visitors only)
ix. $500 – Incidentals
x. Total: $2,500 – $3,500

Once you’ve contacted our home office and it’s been determined you will be either leading/putting together/joining a team, our home office will then supply you with Harvesters official pre-orientation manual/travel document. This document is a required read and will help visitors, such as yourself, prepare for your trip to one of our campuses in addition to learning the Harvesters policies you’ll need to comply to while staying on our campus.

Upon completion of the travel document, you can direct questions to our home office at or by calling our home office at 972.941.4460. We are happy to assist you.

Visiting teams are always welcomed to join us in the work God has called us to accomplish in His name. If you are interested in organizing a team, or know someone who is, please contact Harvesters at