Yike Legge Kulang

Hello from Terekeka! My name is Yike, but most people call me “Ikale.” I am in Primary 1 now. I am very happy to share that I have learned to write this year! I am struggling to read well, though. During my chore time I sweep the rubbish around campus. I find it fun, because we do it together in teams. In my free time I like to sing, dance and play together with my other sisters. I am good at dancing and like to keep working at it. One of my good friends is Ike Tongun, and we play together often.

I am a member of my Sunday School singing team in church, and I really enjoy it. Will you please pray for my success as I continue to learn more in school and also for God to help my parents?

February 01, 2011
Terekeka, South Sudan