Vivianna Yike Jelle

Hello from Terekeka! My name is Vivianna, and I am in Preschool. I enjoy my teachers, and think I want to be a doctor when I grow up. On campus I have chores I help with every morning and evening, like sweeping. I also help smaller children get ready for church and watch them until it is time to go to church. I love to play with my friends and help cook in my free time. Mostly, I like to play jump rope, small group games, and color pictures. My best friend on campus is Maneno Nene, and we play together often.

I am happiest when I am singing, and I really enjoy singing in the Sunday School choir. I have learned a lot of new songs in choir practice this year, and I am working on learning Bible verses by memory. Will you please pray for the sick and for peace to come to South Sudan?

October 23, 2013
Terekeka, South Sudan