Moses Mamud

Hi, I’m Moses, but the other kids have started calling me Power. I’m not sure how I got this nickname, but I like it. I like being friends with the other kids, because they make me laugh and smile. I am glad to be smiling after all my family has been through. Everyone here makes me feel welcome even though I am new to Harvesters.

I struggled in school a little since I started here in the middle of the year, but the teachers have been nice and Madam Josephine gives us extra school work to help us. I also love playing games and doing chores with the other children my age. I really love our weekly movie nights! Please pray for me to continue adjusting well and to catch up in school. Pray for God to comfort my heart in every area I need. Thank you for sponsoring me.

July 01, 2013
Yei, South Sudan