Loku Simon

Hello from Terekeka! My name is Loku, but I go by “Simona.” I am in Secondary 1 now. I persevere and study hard in school so that I can reach as high a score as I can and become a doctor one day. There are many chores to be done every day to keep the campus clean. I am in a group that cuts grass in the morning, and in the evening we chop firewood. We also help water our wonderful vegetable garden. I enjoy playing soccer in my free time, and I am good at it. My good friends are Ramadan and Abu Stephen. We spend our time together sweeping, walking, and sharing ideas.

My favorite Bible story is in Judges when God chose Samson to set the Israelites free from the hands of the Philistines. Will you please be in prayer for my family (mother, brothers, uncles, and other relatives) and for my country of South Sudan?


April 04, 2004
Terekeka, South Sudan