Lado Legge Kulang

Hello from Terekeka! My name is Lado, but I’m often called “Lodulle”, and I am 4 years old. In nursery class at Preschool I have learned to make many friends. I rarely cry now and love to laugh. I help around campus with chores like collecting litter or any little tasks I am asked to do. After chores I run around with my friends playing soccer. If a toy or piece of cardboard is available, it is now a truck and I find a way to pull my tiny friends around the campus. I have a new friend, Ladu Warnyang.

I like helping the adults at church with putting any offerings in the basket. We like to hear Bible stories. Will you please pray for me to grow up to know Jesus personally and do well in school?

February 01, 2015
Terekeka, South Sudan