Juma Bero

Hi there! My name is Juma, but I go by “Bero.” I am happy to be living back on Harvesters’ Terekeka campus. This past year, I was in Uganda receiving physical therapy to help me walk better post foot surgery. Now that I’m back I get to participate in regular activities liking helping keep the campus clean. I also work on dressing myself and exercising my legs so they will continue to improve. I’m able to do this by playing futbol (soccer) with my brothers and sisters during playtime. 

Lately, I’ve been learning to match words and pictures like sun, moon and star. I have a lot of schooling to catch up on since I was away at physical therapy. One way I help others is by smiling and sharing food. I’m told I have a smile that makes others smile. Will you please pray for my mobility to improve and that the pain would go away? Please also pray for me to be able to catch up on my school work. Thanks!

February 03, 2012
Terekeka, South Sudan