Josiah Bidali

Hello, my name is Josiah, and I am in Primary 5. In school I do well at math and Bible class. Outside of class I help around campus by weeding, picking up litter, farming, raking, fetching firewood, and cleaning the church. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer and reading and narrating Bible stories. My closest friends are Akech and Obediah.

I have been learning about how to keep the environment clean, how to read the Bible, how to lead the choir, and how to live peacefully with others. One of my struggles is that I tend to withdraw when I get annoyed. My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 11:28, where it talks about going to God for rest when you are carrying burdens. Will you please pray for me to be obedient, to release anger properly when I get annoyed, and for peace in South Sudan?

July 01, 2005
Yei, South Sudan