Mama Itiya

Hello from Yei! My name is Mama Itiya, and this is my 17th year at Harvesters! That is a long time to see my own children, as well as the children here, grow into young men and women. While I work in different areas here on campus, I mostly work in the kitchen.

I’m so very thankful for my time with Harvesters because I have learned much about the Word of God and how He cares for us in both the good and hard times. My family has seen many difficult times during the recent conflict in Yei, but God is faithful and we have confidence in how He cares for us. One night, thieves surrounded our house, but they did not hurt us or come in and we praised the Lord for that! Will you please pray for good health for me? Also, please pray for my children to accomplish what God has for them. Thank you and God bless you.

January 01, 1980
Yei, South Sudan