Isaya Meta

Hello, my name is Isaya, and I am in Senior 3. I am good at being able to talk with people but have a harder time in some of my school studies. I have been learning at school the importance of studying hard. Outside of class I enjoy working in the garden, reading novels, and playing with little kids and telling them stories. Around campus I help by weeding. My closest friends that I like to hang out with are James, Asiki, Seth, and Hakim.

At church I help by teaching and leading Sunday school. I have been learning in church about how much Jesus Christ loves us. My favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 and my favorite Bible story is about King David. Will you please be in prayer for my health, for our nation of South Sudan, and for our family at Harvesters?

August 12, 2002
Yei, South Sudan