Hellen James

Hello from Terekeka! My name is Hellen, but I go by “Uma.” I am starting Senior 1 this year. I learned in school to listen to advice to stay in school and work hard to be smart. I am struggling to attain the number one position in school. On campus we have chores, and I help with sweeping and refilling our water tanks. I have a responsibility on campus as the head girl, and I also supervise the children when they are doing their chores in the evening. My favorite thing to do in my free time is to help cook, read, and play soccer. Two of my good friends are Nene and Susan. Something I am good at is singing in the church and dancing.

In church I learn about the love of God to His people. I have also been learning how to press on in my studies at school and at home. My favorite Bible verses are Luke 19:10, James 4:7 and Mark 8:34-35 and my favorite story from the Bible is about Noah and the ark. Will you pray for me to always walk with God and that I would have a bright future in my life?

January 12, 2001
Terekeka, South Sudan