Hawa Abdalla

Greetings my friends! My name is Hawa, but I go by “Tongula.” I am in Primary 5 now in school. I like to study and color, because l am now able to see with both eyes at the same time from a normal distance. I am persevering to catch up with where I would be if I hadn’t had an eye problem. I help with chores around campus by sweeping an assigned area to keep bushes and rubbish cleared. I also help care for the younger children. In my free time I like playing soccer and having a quiet time to pray. I am happy to have a good friend in Martha Charles. I am learning to work together well with my friends as we all grow stronger in the Lord.

At church I enjoy singing and prayer time. My favorite Bible verse is John 10:30. Will you pray for South Sudan to have peace be established, protection for the people, and health for all of us?

May 18, 2006
Terekeka, South Sudan