Gabriel Legge Kulang

Greetings! My name is Gabriel, and I am in Preschool. I am still a bit new in school, but I got third place in the third term! I am improving in writing and singing with the help of my family in Christ. I like helping keep the campus clean by sweeping leaves and rubbish into heaps. In my free time, I enjoy playing and coloring with my close friend, Pitia. I am good at drawing trees and animals, and I am improving at playing soccer.

My efforts at church are sitting still during speaker time and delivering offering baskets. I like learning the songs and their movements. My favorite Bible story is Jacob. I hope to have a great future for my family and people of South Sudan. Will you please pray for our sick ones and for the people of South Sudan to accept Jesus in their life?

February 01, 2014
Terekeka, South Sudan