Florence Yoloki

Hello from Yei! My name is Florence and I am in Senior 2. Some of the things I’m good at in school are math and debating. This year I’m working on improving my behavior by taking steps each day. In my free time I like to sing and help the little kids. I help around campus by cleaning and in church I help lead a Sunday school class and sometimes give a morning devotional. One of my best friends is Elizabeth Nyoka, because I admire her character.

Lately I have been learning how God gifts us in different ways and that He has plans for my life. My favorite verse in the Bible is Jeremiah 29:11, because it reminds me that God has great plans, and that He can use anyone for His service. Will you please pray for my country and for God’s protection of my relatives in refugee camps?

February 02, 2001
Yei, South Sudan