Emmanuel Lodu

Hello! My name is Emmanuel Mooga Wani, and I am in Primary 8 now. My education is important, so I struggle to work hard for my best scores. I enjoy chopping firewood with my brothers on Saturdays, and I also enjoy mowing the grass to keep it short. I prefer playing soccer in my spare time with one of my best friends, Stephen John. I am a choir member in the church, and I assist the preparation for the church service, such as mopping the floor and cutting grass around the building.

I focus on and enjoy learning the Word of God. My favorite Bible passage is Matthew 6:14-15, because it is talking about forgiveness. Will you please pray for peace in the nation and for love for the South Sudanese people? Also, pray for those who are sick and people who are struggling.

January 01, 2004
Terekeka, South Sudan