Charity Mamud

Hello, my name is Charity. I am a bit shy, but will smile big once you get to know me. I am thankful to be a new member of the Harvesters family. It has not been an easy adjustment for me in some ways, but I am making good friends and having lots of fun with them. School is my greatest challenge, although I was learning how to speak some English at my last school.

I’m learning how to be helpful around campus too. I like being part of the clean-up crew that helps clean the leaves. I also really enjoy jumping rope and practicing singing and dancing. Will you please pray for me to adjust to school this year, and that my siblings and I will grow in God’s grace? You can also pray for my older sibling who is away in college, that God will keep him safe and be his help. Thank you.

July 01, 2010
Yei, South Sudan