Bero Wani

Greetings! I am Bero and I’m excited to be in Primary 8 this year. My favorite subjects are Christian Religious Education (CRE) and English.  Even though they are hard for me, I enjoy them very much. Because my teachers have helped me a lot, I feel like I could be a good teacher in the future. I look forward to meal times a lot too…especially when I get to eat macaroni or fruits like mangoes, apples, and oranges!

Outside of school I enjoy futbol (soccer), and I strive to be the best player on the team. I would like your prayers for me to do well in school and continue to learn more about God. I enjoy serving Him and others.  Please pray for me to hear God’s voice and feel His guidance as I continue to learn and grow.


January 21, 2004
Terekeka, South Sudan