Bendita Tabu

Hello, I’m Bendita. I just completed Primary School and I am in Senior 1 this year! Secondary School is very new to me, and I hope I can still do a good job with my grades. I like to keep busy in my free time by caring for the small children or helping the house mamas. Last year, I was busy with special responsibilities. I was in charge of cleaning the teachers offices, helped in the pyatt (dining hall), and I was involved in many church activities. I especially enjoy when we have youth conferences.

I’m still very close to my sister, Noela, and we spend lots of time together. I sometimes find myself thinking and worrying about the people who are in the refugee camps, but I trust God, because He is big and in control. Please pray with me to do well in everything and care well for those around me.

August 25, 2003
Yei, South Sudan