Joshua & Esther Vocational Center

Vocational Training Center, Yei, South Sudan
Est. February 2015

After education, preparation for work is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Some of our children will be qualified to attend university, but the vast majority will not. For those students, their job prospects are bleak. The idea of a vocational school is not ingrained in the Sudanese culture and thus it has had a limited success in the past. It is our belief today that by integrating a well-organized vocational center into our Primary School, we will better position our students for success as adults.

The Vocational Center program is designed to teach computer technology, woodworking, baking, sewing and craft classes to our primary school students. Not only will the students be able to develop a marketable skill set, but they will also learn marketing and sales as they “sell” their products/services to the local community with proceeds returning to the orphanage. The community is grateful to have a vocational training center in it.

Named after two people in the Bible who showed great faith, perseverance and quiet courage, we believe this center will develop our boys and girls into a skilled, entrepreneurial workforce with Christian values that desire to contribute to South Sudan’s promising future.

For $51/month
you can support a Vocational student at Harvesters’ Joshua & Esther Vocational Center in South Sudan.